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2021-11-27 11:04:36

Among all the words and terms that we say every day and every moment, some words carry more weight than other words. Words that have changed human destiny and these changes continue with the utterance of these words. The term "why" is one of the most effective words in human life and all the growth and development of humanity is due to the word. Because until there is no reason, we won’t move towards the answers. In today's world, however, most individuals make their choices based on the patterns of society.

Whether these patterns are positive or negative, whether they are to your advantage or your detriment, they build your habits over time; And they become highly-flavored synapses in your mind, and by irrigating those habits, you irrigate that synapse and increase its might. Immediately, think that if this synapse is a negative behavior and it is not in your favor, you are unknowingly magnifying and reinforcing that negative habit inside your life.

This article seeks to help you get rid of these harmful synapses that can affect your entire life.

 The first step, however, is to create a “why” in your mindset:
•    Why am I not feeling well?
•    Why do not I enjoy life?
•    Why am I penniless?
•    Why do I spend most of my life worrying?

And many other “whys” that we have put aside just because we have no answer for them. The first way to solve our problems is to take these explanations out of the archives and release their files. Typically, most of the difficulties and issues of people these days in the world are related to financial and economic issues, we mean to take the first and most important step to get rid of financial and economic worries by raising the main reason.

However, we must acknowledge that having financial freedom will play a very important role in making us feel good about life, overcoming worries, doing things that are behind schedule, creating a good feeling by helping our loved ones.

First why: Why am I not in a good financial position?
Note that everyone's standards are different for having satisfactory financial conditions. The standard we consider is the standard of financial freedom. That means we can have everything we want. Note that your happiness with life varies with your cessation of progress. You need to be delighted and grateful for everything you have, but do not be complacent. Well, why do I not have satisfactory financial conditions?

Our life today is a manifestation of our choices of yesterday.
The first mistake: many people make their choices based on the general patterns of society.

For example, most people have believed since childhood that I should study until high school, then go to university, and graduate after several years. Then, with an academic degree that I have worked hard for about 15 to 20 years, I will look for a job to earn a fixed salary monthly and not be concerned regarding financial issues. However, this choice is the beginning of endless financial uncertainties.

This is a common pattern in most societies. As we said, we want to aid you to break these rules.

In the next article in the coming days, you shall find that your progress train has come to a halt with a much smaller obstacle than you think, and by simply eliminating this small obstacle you can climb the ladder one after another. Take a walk and enjoy financial freedom.

Stay with us.

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