Website revenue plan

Terms and concepts:
Registration: Registration at is free and there is no charge for registration
Buyer: Refers to someone who registers on the site and buys goods
Marketer: A person who, after buying, marketing and selling goods to others
What is SV? After registering on the site, you will receive a unique marketing code and this code will be used as a USER NAME.
What is a score? You get one point for every 100 Dollar sv
The balance of three points on the right and three points on the left becomes a U.
U is equal to 60 Dollar
Vouchers ouchers Cycle (cycle): Whenever you establish a 3 to 3 balance in each of your positions, it is called a cycle or cycle that you will not receive a commission for the sixth balance (1 + 5)
The company has seminars, training courses and valuable gifts for your voucher points, and by having these points, you can benefit from these valuable benefits and gifts.
With more and more of these points, you will definitely have a wider choice of valuable gifts for the company.

Description of income plan

Is my place on the site permanent?
Your position is defined in your marketing code
Your marketing code is valid for one year and at the end of one year, the person should recharge their marketing code as follows:

 Five years Three years One year Credibility of the main position
 150 $     90 $  30 $ 100 $
 300 $     180 $     60 $ 200 $
  450 $    270 $    90 $  300 $ 


You can also use your own vouchers for cash payment
4 vouchers = 30 $

Ten days before the end of the SV time, an alert will be sent to you by email, and if you do not recharge the points of your collection, you will not be considered and you will not receive a commission, and if the person does not renew for two consecutive years. The mc code is completely deleted (obviously no points will be calculated for the overhead line from the SV charge)

How do I make money from
If you want to use the company's revenue-generating plan, you must activate your main position with at least one sv (100 Dollar to buy goods from the website).

* Now your business money making engine is on *

Whenever three points on your left line and three points on your right line are balanced, you will be eligible for a 60ر$ commission.
Do I just have to introduce the work to two people?
 No, you can introduce the work to people as much as you want without any restrictions
Does my purchase amount affect my points?
 Yes, based on the table below, you will receive points from your subset:
Position activation rate    The amount of points absorbed from the subset
100 $ or 1 SV No matter how many purchases are made in your collection, you will absorb only 1 SV from each purchase
200 $ or 2 SV No matter how many purchases are made in your collection, you will absorb only 2 SV from each purchase

300 $ or 3 SV and above Get all the SV without any restrictions

Basics of calculating points:      

Commodity prices * coefficient prices = Basics of calculating points

What is my income ceiling from the main position in this plan?
Your income ceiling is from the main position of 6000 $ per week, but this is not the end of income
How can I increase my income ceiling and how much is the final ceiling of this income plan?
As soon as you register, you will be given 30 virtual positions, which you can receive up to 6000 Dollar by purchasing goods from the website and activating the position from each position.
31 * 6000 Dollar = 186000 Dollar per week

Is the bonus calculation period monthly or weekly?
It is based on the international week from Monday to Sunday, and the bonuses are calculated based on the sales of your subset in the same week and will be paid to you 10 days after the end of the week.
How much do I need to activate each of the 30 points of purchase?
Are postage and taxes charged on the amount of goods to activate the station?
No, it is not calculated and only the amount you pay for the goods is calculated

Position Activation fee for each position

 100 $ and more  The position 1
300 $ Position 2 and 3
600 $ Position 4 to 7
900 $ Position 8 to 15
 1200 $ Position 16 to 31


Note that in the VTREE section, do not put your subordinates below the positions, you will not receive a commission.

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