The Difference is in the “viewpoint”

2021-11-27 11:09:36

You may have faced individuals who are labelled as “successful” in their occupations and, on another hand, people who work in the same job but fail. Occasionally, there are people who have fewer facilities are more successful and have more income rather than ones who have more and better facilities. However, the best trench for the weak is the trench of bad luck. While everything depends on the type of “viewpoint” and “action”.

Let us make the topic shorter and simpler with an illustration.
There are two grocery stores in the same neighborhood, both of which have the same chance of attracting customers, but one has more customers and naturally has more revenue. If people are asked about the matter, you shall hear different responses. One would say that he speaks to people better or more respectfully, another shall say that a successful store manager spends more time in his store.  Someone else says his store layout is better and many other atypical judgments.

Now we want to inspect the matter issue from another approach, which includes all the possible disadvantages and advantages. All the above may be true, but the main issue that determines the difference between a professional and an amateur “viewpoint” and professional and amateur performance as well. 

Unprofessional viewpoint: Amateurs are not very interested in their job and do it only to cover expenses.

Amateurs do not see their job as a top priority in life. Amateurs have no plans to grow or develop their careers. These are the amateur's views of the job that makes the amateur perform.

An amateur who has an amateur view of his job has no plans to honor the customer more and treat him better, as well as how to talk to the customer properly.

The amateur closes his shop or workplace under any pretext.

 The amateur, because he has no plans to develop his work, is only thinking of taking money from the client. While a professional businessman/businessman loves his/her job and he/she should be at work than to be anywhere else. Moreover, a professional considers his job as the main priority of his life, and because of his love for his work, he is always in He is trying to do his job as well as possible, and this makes him have personal and professional progress and development in all fields.

A professional in his development path requires himself to treat his customer appropriately. He is determined that his customers will never encounter the closed door of his store and therefore will never leave his workplace under any pretext. A professional viewpoint at work makes you serious at work and that is why your clients will take you seriously.

Determined and serious people usually have a better social status than vulnerable people.

The network marketing business is no exception to this rule.

In this business, however, you would see people with either “an amateur viewpoint and performance or with professional ones. 
Amateurs in the network marketing business usually look for great opportunities and do not show enthusiasm in doing their job.

While the passion for making a collection is the most pleasant part of working in the network and the same passion is the main secret of success.

Amateurs have a good connection with the word, which is possibly the most uncharacteristic word in the world, but professionals must have established a connection with the word. Amateurs forget their network with any schedule, but professionals forget everything because of their network.

Keep in mind that both professionals and amateurs are wasting time, but professionals are getting great results for lost time, and amateurs will never get great results. Taking work seriously will ensure your success.

Network marketing is a very happy, energetic, and lucrative business, however, the guarantee of your success is your professional viewpoint and performance.

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