Terms and conditions for membership

1. Having a minimum legal age equal to the laws and regulations of the country of registration is mandatory.
2. Registration can only be done by visiting the company's website online and in any place.
3. All the details of the applicant must match the identity information and passport. The applicant is responsible for entering incorrect or incomplete personal and banking information and the company will not be responsible for entering incorrect and incomplete information, even inadvertently.
4. Due to the relevant support, having a head marketer is required for registration.
5. In case of any dispute between the marketer and the company, the legal management of the company will be appointed as the arbitrator to resolve the dispute and the arbitration decision of the committee will be accepted by me.
6. For registration and entry into the worldwinners network, no amount will be charged from the applicant under any title and membership in this company is free.
7. Every applicant should see basic marketing training at worldwinners if they want to start as a distributor or marketer at worldwinners.
8. The marketer is required to pass training courses including direct sales training and instructions, basic concepts of direct sales, products, ethical charter and business plan of the company, which is held free of charge by the company.
9. Any costs incurred by the distributor for the sale and marketing of the company's goods are his responsibility and the company will not bear any costs in this regard.
10. None of the marketers are allowed to take any money under any title from other marketers.
11. The marketer or distributor has no employment relationship with the company, so the marketing contract or any relationship with the company is excluded from the scope of labor law and so on.
12. The distributor is obliged to participate in educational and explanatory programs provided by the company, including seminars and training courses, with the aim of updating information and familiarity with the company and its products and how to do business.
13. The distributor is obliged to train and support the people of his subgroup and to do his best for their success and development.
14. Since the payment of commissions is done online, the amount of bank fees for all transactions related to depositing funds to the distributor's account will be deducted from their paid commissions.
15. Each distributor is required to provide an account number or Volt belonging only to his own name in order to receive a commission.
16. The distributor should only market the company's goods according to the worldwinners monetization plan
17. The marketer or distributor should not claim to be employed by the company. When introducing a company's job opportunities, the distributor should emphasize that the offer is to start an independent business, not to hire a company.
18. The distributor has no authority to impose any responsibility on behalf of the company on anyone or to force anyone to perform a duty on behalf of the company.
19. Distributors may not use advertising tools such as the Internet, SMS or any means other than verbal advertising without the written permission of the company.
20. Distributors do not have the right to change the packaging of the company's goods.
The Distributor has no right to sell, transfer or transfer the position and its benefits to others under any circumstances. And only the transfer of the position to first-degree relatives (father, mother, brother, sister, spouse, child) is allowed after obtaining written permission from the company and through legal procedures.
21. No distributor should offer and sell the company's products through online auctions. Sales other than the final consumer are prohibited.
22. Educational materials are available on the company's website and people's desktop for free study.
23. The distributor is not allowed to send emails or messages on social networks to those who do not want to receive it.
1. The distributor is required to have an identification card issued to him by the company for sale.

Rules for purchasing goods
1. Purchasable goods are available in the store section of the company's website and should only be purchased from the worldwinners website.
2. Confirmation of purchase and payment of commission is done after depositing the entire amount of goods to the company's account.
3. From the time of purchase, according to the regulations of the single article, the goods can be returned within a maximum of 7 days from the time of purchase. It will not be possible to return the goods after one week.
4. At the time of purchase, the method of delivery of goods must be specified, which can be in person (company location, branches, other direct supply centers) or in absentia (by post and others).
5. Delivery time is a maximum of 60 working days, depending on the choice of delivery type (in-person or out-of-person).
6. If the delivery of goods is selected in absentia, the company has no responsibility for entering the wrong address of the recipient, his absence or refusal to receive the goods. In case of any of these cases, the buyer or distributor must deliver the goods at a re-cost.
7. The recipient of the goods is obliged to be completely sure of its accuracy and health at the time of delivery, because after delivery, the company will not accept any claim that the purchase order is defective or incorrect.
8. The identity card for the goods will be sent with the goods.
Rules for receiving commissions
1. The condition for receiving a commission is verification and authentication.
2. In order to receive a commission, it is necessary to deposit the entire amount of the purchase of goods.
3. In order to receive the commission, it is necessary to announce the account number or volt.
4. The total weekly commission of the distributor in the worldwinners plan, up to 10 days after the end of the international week, will be deposited in the announced bank or Volt account.
5. The distributor can introduce a person as his heir.

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