2022-02-04 13:59:01

Commission payment is made on Wednesdays every week in the following ways
According to the report of Public Relations and International Affairs, after the end of each week, the commission is calculated and the commission is visible in the account section.
These commissions can be charged and withdrawn in the user's account on Wednesday next week
Payment withdrawal requests that are registered in the financial system of the settlement section until Monday every week will be paid on Wednesday in one of the following ways by selecting a marketer:
1- Deposit USDT in volts introduced by the marketer after deducting the commission
2- Deposit to the Master Card introduced by the marketer after deducting the commission (the specifications of the master card must match the marketer)
3- Bank transfer to the account with Swift after deducting the commission (the account details must match the marketer)
Obviously, marketers can continue to receive their commissions by internal transfer to new marketers.

important points :
1- People who apply for settlement after Monday will be in the next payment, ie Wednesday of the next week
2- No payment will be made by the company on other days except Wednesdays
3- The commission payment will be paid only to the marketer and after transferring to a third party, it should be used only for purchase.
4- The condition for receiving a commission is full authentication

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