Network marketing is an opportunity for values to flourish

2021-11-27 10:59:36

The flesh is honorable but for the humanity inside
Otherwise, wearing fancy clothes would mean
(The Iranian poet, Saadi, 12 AD)

Mankind has long believed that man is the supreme being in the universe and owes this superiority to human qualities such as love, kindness, compassion, self-sacrifice, helping, thinking, and other valuable virtues.  But the same man, because he/she is in dire need of growth and well-being, is sometimes forced to trample on his virtues to have better conditions in life.

However, it is better to say that to earn more cash, he/she sometimes prefers to ignore the rights of others, to lie, to be jealous, and sometimes to force himself to seek revenge, and perhaps to trample on his/her other valuable virtues. From the people's attitude, a person who commits such behaviors is called an abusive person who has ignored human values.

Though, is it all his/her fault? Do the teachings that we see in society, directly or indirectly, not affect our behaviors? Sadly, most of our behaviors are influenced by our society, a society that sometimes does not willingly or unwillingly show us softness; but suddenly, in this turmoil, we are lucky and we get acquainted with commerce that reveals all the human pronouns and Ashraf to us as creatures.

The teachings of this business affect our souls like a flip. It teaches us that if you want to have happiness and wealth together, you must help others; if you want to get more wealth, you’ve to make others rich, if you want to be happy and positive, you’ve to transfer your happiness and positive energies to others, and this will make you richer; you have to have a purposeful life and teach purposeful life to others; you have to smile to see a smile. You should be happy with the success of others; you’ve to be effective, you’ve to be disciplined, you have to be honest, you have to be committed, you have to be educated, you have to respect others.
It seems strange that in network marketing, your income is a reward for living better and referring more and more to your human conscience. Network marketing is the exchange of love and wealth.

The more you do this exchange, the more love and wealth you shall own.

The objective of Word Winners is to eradicate the two undesirable components of poverty and sorrow from the lives of all people in the world. We are beside you to manifest this excessive end.

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