Network Marketing Business, The Third Age of Business

2021-11-23 11:43:30

Since its creation, human beings have experienced many businesses to make a living. Most of the jobs and businesses that existed in the last centuries are not exist today. Each of these occupations depended on the conditions of their time, and if we want to refer to the times that these jobs and businesses were created, we can name three main eras:

1.    Agricultural Age:
In this age, human beings changed from consumers to producers and from hunting to agriculture. However, in this age, animals supplied energy. It was the capital of the land. More children, especially male children, played a significant role in the economic situation of the family, because of the conditions of this era, everything was done physically. Whoever had more land and children was more capitalist. Almost everyone produced their own needs and met their other needs in “exchange for goods”. The age of agriculture lasted hundreds or even thousands of years.
2.    Industrial Age:
With the invention of the steam engine, an industrial wave was created in the world. However, throughout the age, energy was supplied through fossil fuels. The capital was machinery, the work was done physically and mentally. In the industrial age, exchanges and trade were based on the market. The products were customized and everyone produced only one product and the rest of their needs were met through the market.
3.    Electronic Age:
The third wave, or the electronic age, began in the twentieth century with the invention of the computer. In this age, work became entirely intellectual and the Internet became the capital of information, the tool of information and electronic equipment.
Whoever has more information is more capitalist.
In this age, online and offline shopping replaced traditional markets; but the common denominator when the ages changed was resistance, and most people showed up throughout the change. When the agricultural age shifted to the industrial age, many opposed the change; but change cannot be countered, and this confrontation and non-acceptance of change and not keeping up with it was costly for these people.
In the industrial age, these people were referred to as people left behind by growth and change, and they could not find a suitable place for themselves in this age; And they generally had to work for the pioneers of the age.
Correspondingly, when changing the industrial age to the electronic age and the Internet, we have all witnessed and are witnessing such resistance to this inevitable alteration. These days, with the speed that has been created in human progress, we must be more and more vigilant to stop the changes. Network marketing is the business of the third age and is growing rapidly on a global scale. 
Luckily, today is not too late for our generation, and we can be among those who will be named as pioneers of this great movement shortly with a deep and realistic view.

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