Executive regulations for the establishment and operation of goods delivery branches

Executive regulations for the establishment and operation of goods delivery branches
Resolution on Monday, November 15, 2021
Board of Directors

Executive regulations for the establishment and operation of goods delivery branches
Purpose of the regulations:
The site www.worldwinner.network, in conjunction with the big companies of the world, in order to systematize and facilitate the purchase and delivery of goods of dear marketers, establishes and launches its representative branches in different countries of the world.
Article 1 Definitions:
Branch: A place where marketers can buy or deliver goods by attending that place.
Branch Representative or Head: A person who is directly responsible for the management of the branch and is responsible for obtaining the relevant permits and any response to the relevant individuals and organizations in the Shiite area.
Site: refers to the site www.worldwinner.network.
Contract: means our contract between the company and the representative
Article 2 Conditions of the representative or head of the branch:
1- Obtaining a legal network marketing license in the country, province or city that is applying to receive a representative
2- Adequate knowledge of the network marketing industry
3- Having a good reputation in the requested geography
4- Having appropriate financial ability
5- Familiarity with working with computers
6- Providing a suitable place for the branch
7- Hiring relevant personnel to provide services

Article 3 Number of licenses issued to countries:
1- Granting representation in the capitals of countries, maximum 3 representations
2- Granting representation in the centers of the provinces, maximum 2 representations
3- Granting representation in township with a maximum of 1 representation
Number of centers If the established center is not able to provide services and the board of directors recognizes, a new agency will be created
Only in the first step in each country, provinces or cities will be granted representation to one person
Article 4 Branch Details:
1- Having at least 150 meters of infrastructure for the capitals of countries and 100 meters for the centers of provinces and cities
2- Creating the necessary welfare conditions for the presence of marketers
3- Implementing the plan to unify the decoration and staff of the branches
Article 5 Guarantee:
1- Equivalent to 20% of the credit of the goods that are given to the person in cash
2- Equivalent to 80% guarantee (check, promissory note, property, bank guarantee or anything else that the company legally accepts
Article 6 How to calculate the cost and income of the representative:
For each invoice that is purchased per day at the dealership or from the dealer site, a fee will be paid according to the table below.

Percentage received Monthly sales amount
5% 1 to 20 thousand dollars
4% 20 thousand to 30 thousand dollars
3% 30 thousand dollars to 50 thousand dollars
2% $ 50,000 to $ 200,000
1% $ 200,000 and up


If the goods are mailed to the person's address through the agency, a fee of 6 Euros will be paid to the person
The amount will be calculated on a weekly basis based on daily sales and will be paid 10 days after the end of each week.
Article 7 Duties of the company:
1- Launching a dedicated online store for the branch
2- Providing related software to the branch
3- Training to work with software and site to the branch manager and IT expert
4- Free shipping of goods to the country where the branch is established.
This by-law with 7 articles was approved by the board of directors on 11/15/2021

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