Ethical Charter for Marketers

Ethical Charter of Site Marketers
In order to create a healthy business environment and the proper development of the network marketing industry in different countries of the world, we are all committed to each other and we consider ourselves obliged to implement the provisions of this ethical charter with maximum effort and effort:

1-    We promise that we will do our best to eradicate poverty from all countries by promoting the network marketing industry.
2-    We pledge to offer a symbol of healthy network marketing to everyone by observing and implementing the laws and regulations of the country in which we operate.
3-    We pledge to introduce a symbol of a self-made human being to the society by adhering to human and moral values in individual and organizational communications and interactions, considering the three principles of honesty, frankness and intimacy.
4-    We are committed to always put teamwork at the forefront and prioritize the interests of marketers and members of our group in any case of our own interests so that we can present a model of successful teamwork to the community.
5-    We commit to make every effort to achieve the company and the site so that we can achieve our goals.
6-    6. We pledge to be committed to the proper implementation of our commitments and to feel a sense of responsibility and belonging to the network marketing industry at, and to make every effort to do so.
7-    We pledge to always and in all matters to consider morality before anything else, even our personal income and interests, and to always put morality at the forefront of my mind.
8-    We pledge to keep the company and other marketers confidential despite all the secrets and information, and I will never misuse this information and always be a trustworthy person for everyone.
9-    We promise that starting and registering people on the site will not be the end of the work and we will guide, train and support the person so that she can achieve her goals.
10-    We pledge to always consider ourselves obliged to observe politeness, sobriety and respect for your customers, colleagues and veterans.
11-    We will never hire and register a person who does healthy network marketing in another company and we will respect people's interests.
12-    We promise that we, as a professional marketer, will always be criticized and by accepting constructive criticism from people, we will take action to improve and improve our personal and work.
13-    We promise that as a professional marketer, by strengthening the spirit of teamwork and group activities, we will make every effort, knowledge, experience and capabilities to improve the capabilities of our sales organization and other sales organizations. We will use it on the site

This ethical charter was approved by the board of directors with 13 articles




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